The Gastroenterology Division of the Deva Matha Hospital is the first of its kind in the private sector in Kerala. Established on 13th February 1983, it has all advanced facilities..
Deva Matha School of Nursing established in 1994 and recognized by Indian Nursing Council (INC), has become one of the prominent institutions in the field of Nursing education.

Devamatha Hospital is the first NABH Safe-I accredited private sector hospital in Kerala and second private sector hospital in India. Safe-I means that "I am safe" and it seeks to address the importance of safety in injections, safety in infusion, infection control, health workers safety and safe biomedical waste management.

The department consists of two well experienced and qualified Anaesthesiologists supported by trained staff. Most Modern Ultra-Clean OT Complex consists of separate OTs for specialties like Orthopaedics, Gynaecology, ophthalmology, General & Oncological surgeries. We are equipped with all types of invasive and non-invasive monitoring devices like ECG and Heart rate monitor with High resolution integrated vedio screen display.

Capnometer (Datex-Engstron Normocap 200) measures inspired and end tidal concentration of Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide and calculates respiratory rate which is displayed on LCD screen on the Infusion Pump.This device helps us to give prolonged general anaesthesia with agents for long duration Onco surgeries without much use of inhalational agents, which give the patient a hang-over-free post-op period. The two Boyel MK III S Anaesthesia machines with Tec 3 and Tec 5 Halothene vaporizers with added security of hypoxic guard, help us to take up all types of major surgeries in our hospital. Apart from GA techniques we also offer, SAB cont: Lumbar and thoracic Epidural anaesthesia and peripheral nerve blocks with nerve stimulator depending upon the surgical sites. Our 4-bedded PACU is designed with central pipe line O2 and all emergency care set up. Providing Labour Analgesia for painless labour is the specialty of our centre.


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